As the year comes to an end, many admins ask us for a way to incorporate a theme of “giving” into their step challenges. We love hearing this request because we’ve seen the power of a charity fundraiser competition. Nothing gets people united like a team challenge to win money for their charity!

In the Team Face-Off for Charity Challenge, participants will be grouped into teams to step their way to the top and unlock a donation to their favorite charity. You’ll decide the charities, donation amount, and how you will donate. MoveSpring will be the place for participants to learn more about the charities and see which team is in the lead. We suggest finding charities that hit home for your participants and using our content module to share more info on the charities.

Let’s get moving with this challenge!

Step together for our Team-Face Off for Charity Challenge!

tug-of-war_team-minWhy should I host a Team Face-Off for Charity Challenge?

  1. Improves company culture and reputation
  2. Supports a good cause
  3. Builds a sense of community
  4. Giving back improves employee satisfaction and employees’ pride in their company, key drivers of employee engagement

Grab your sneakers and get ready for our Team Face-Off for Charity Challenge!

Each team will represent a different charity. Select the charity you want to step for and work together to move to the top of the leaderboard! At the end of the challenge, we will make a donation on behalf of the first-place team.

Check the app to learn more about the charities’ missions, fun facts, and details on how you can get more involved.

Keep your teammates motivated, and let’s get moving for a good cause!

Challenge modes and goals:

  • Team leaderboard - Each team represents a different charity! Create 3-5 teams/charities and let users pick the charity they want to step for. 3-10 users per team
  • Content - Let users learn more about the charities they want to step on behalf of! Share their missions, fun facts, and ways they can get more involved!
  • Quote - Generates a new daily quote for each day of your challenge. Great for a little extra motivation during your challenge!

Pro tip: Compile a list of charities that align with your company values and goals and let your employees vote on the 3-5 charities they would like to support.

Head to the Admin Center to create the challenge now, and don’t forget to set up teams in the Team Leaderboard.

Communication strategy

Let users learn more about the charities they’re stepping for! Share fun facts, projects and local events.

Seven days before your face-off challenge begins, send out the following message to your participating teams:working-team-happy-min

Ready to make a positive impact?

Get ready to give back for our next company-wide challenge – Team Face-Off for Charity!

Starting on [DATE], you and your teammates will work together to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Each team will represent a different charity, so you’ll join the one you want to step for. The top team will earn a donation at the end of the challenge!

Click on the link below to join and let’s get moving for a good cause!

Call to action button text: Join the challenge
Call to action button link: [INSERT CHALLENGE LINK]

Challenge announcements

Send this announcement on the first day of the challenge:

closeup_walking_shoes-minStep up for Good

Today kicks off the Team Face-Off for Charity Challenge!

For the next X weeks, you and your teammates will work together to reach the top. Don’t forget to join your charity’s team and sync those steps to unlock that donation!

You can contact the MoveSpring support team at if you have any syncing questions.

Good luck, teams!


When wrapping up your challenge upon its close:

Congrats! You did it!trophy

Congratulations on completing our Team Face-Off for Charity Challenge!

The competition was fierce, but [CHARITY] led the pack and unlocked the X donation.

Thank you for helping us give back, and a great job everyone for getting moving!

Want more announcement templates? Find more in our Announcement Templates for Challenge Updates.

Be sure to pop messages into the chat functionality from time to time throughout the challenge’s duration to keep employees motivated, engaged and moving, and don’t forget to recognize each team – not just the winners! – for their effort and participation. Consider also making a smaller donation to the runner-up charity or charities to reward participating teams that didn’t win the competition and make an even greater difference in your community.

Interested to learn how your organization can take advantage of MoveSpring challenges and employee wellness? Schedule a call with one of our friendly employee engagement experts today to get started.

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