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Struggling to keep your to-do lists organized, your Post-Its color-coded and your calendar up to date? You’re not alone. Every day, it seems a new technology is created to keep us “more organized than ever before!” But what do we use at Reward Gateway? As a global leader in HR technology, our teams have used a myriad of tools to keep productive.


Here’s a few of their favorites:

15549407950_c3c80d0432_m.jpgLisa Turnbull, Client Communications Manager

I absolutely cannot survive without to-do lists. I’ve tried several different apps for this (outside of my trusty notebook!) and have stumbled upon a few I like. In no particular order, I use Todoist, which is a Gmail add-on (what we use here at Reward Gateway), Momentum and Wunderlist. I think that I’m going to love SmartSheets for larger scale projects moving forward, and Jira is a general lifesaver. 

13928354220_35ebbd91c8_m.jpgCatrin Lewis, Internal Communications Manager

I've tried a couple of different collaboration and project management tools from more sophisticated systems such as Jira to the original favourite pen and paper tick list. I've found Wunderlist to tick all the boxes for me and it's the one I go back to time and time again. It's easy to use, it's quick for new users to understand, it's versatile and it's on the go as it's fully mobile responsive! 

22014052778_803e20977f_m.jpgChris Gannon, Global Director of Talent Attraction

We use Greenhouse to track our applicants from start to finish, and as the basis of our employee referrals. It helps us stay transparent and keep us in line with the interview process from start to finish.  

Chloe_Thompson-29_1.jpgChloe Thompson, Content Marketing Manager

I live and breathe by two tools: Asana and Evernote. Evernote syncs to all my devices so no matter where I am, if an idea pops into my head I can jot it down and know that I’ve bookmarked it somewhere. I get inspiration for blog ideas watching commercials, standing in line or just by scanning headlines on my Twitter feed. Asana helps me break down bigger projects into actionable tasks, or lets me set a due date for something far in the future and know that I’ve got it covered. As a content manager, it’s great for those annual updates and “when I get to it” sort of tasks that come up.

23220257610_da3df857c9_m.jpgSamantha Marrazzo, Executive Assistant to CEO

I have an old school paper planner. I use it for day-to-day tasks and love when I’m able to start crossing tasks off each day. I use Trello for larger and more long-term projects because it has reminders and helps keep me on track. Rob actually introduced me to Trello when we began working on a large project together. And then there’s Evernote, which is great for content production whether I’m at my desk or on my phone on the subway!

Got a favorite tool that we haven’t tried yet? Tell us in the comments, or tweet it to us @RewardGateway!

Chloe Thompson

Chloe is the Head of Global Content Strategy and Thought Leadership at Reward Gateway. She has a strong penchant for great food, better wine (especially if it sits alongside a cheese plate) and dancing around her kitchen to musical theatre tunes.

Head of Global Content Strategy and Thought Leadership

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