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Allied Bakeries has achieved 34% initial engagement with new benefits programme by Reward Gateway.

Allied Milling and Baking, part of Associated British Foods, has achieved 34% initial engagement with new benefits programme, ‘AMBiSave’. Its 4,600 employees are based across 25 different sites, and are predominantly factory-based, without internet access at work - making it a real challenge to communicate the new launch to staff.

The team at Allied Milling and Baking knew it would be tough to launch a new programme to such a challenging demographic, so together with provider Asperity, they devised a thorough communications plan to target each site.

A multi-faceted approach was initiated to raise the profile of the new benefits brand, including tent cards on canteen tables, posters and PowerPoint slides displayed on plasma screens. Business cards were handed out by managers so that employees could carry around portable details of how to sign up. Roadshows were run at key sites to explain each of the new features in detail and provide face-to-face support to employees.

The workforce has been successfully engaged as a result, with employees already spending over £205,000 since the launch in November. Allied Milling and Baking are thrilled with the initial take-up, as statistics show a healthy spread of registrations across all sites, which is exactly what they had hoped for.

“I’m really pleased that employees are using the benefit as it is such a fantastic way to make their take-home pay go further.” said Rob Marsh, Head of HR at Allied Milling and Baking. “The results show how AMBiSave appeals to everyone, irrespective of geography or job role”.

The company hopes to build on this encouraging success by rolling out further communications to promote seasonal savings as well as promote other voluntary benefits under the AMBiSave benefits brand.