In Western developed economies we have an engagement gap.

70% of leaders say that employee engagement is critical for their success but only 30% of them say their workforce is engaged. And that’s a gap we’re working on closing.

Every single day we work with employers trying to bridge that gap and every single day more employers join the cause and work with us to make things better for their organization and their people.

But our mission at Reward Gateway is to make the world a better place to work. We believe that doing meaningful work is an essential part of being human. That having purpose and a role in creating something bigger than yourself is key to living a good life.

We imagine a world where people can work safely, with fairness and equality, a world where people can go to work and put their creativity and passion to good use. Where they can laugh with their friends, care about their colleagues and feel cared for by their company. Where they are recognized and seen for who they are and what they achieve.

But we know that in many parts of the world, both in the places we call home and further afield, there is a long way to go to come even close to that vision.

Globally, 66 million girls are deprived of any education every year.

That’s an education that is critical to them having the chance of an independent, meaningful, hopeful life. This inequality and unfairness leads to women being 35% less likely to be in paid employment at all compared to men.

Black and ethnic minority entrepreneurs start their businesses with less money than white entrepreneurs.

Minority businesses rely more on the owner’s personal wealth than on outside lenders or investors. These companies are less likely to apply for bank loans for fear of getting turned down. When they do apply, black and Hispanic business owners are less likely to be approved than whites, even after taking into account credit score. With less startup capital, they create smaller businesses and more fail.

Many people need help transitioning back to work after a break

In all countries where we operate, there are millions of people who have much to contribute to a working society but need some extra help as they transition back from a break.

This includes members of our serving militaries, who may need additional support converting to civilian skills and accreditations and women who have been out of work raising a family or caring for others.

It includes people trying to get back on track after being homeless and people who have made mistakes, gained a criminal record and find that 60% of employers won't consider them for a role even when they are qualified for it. 

To make the world a better place to work we know we need to do more.

So that’s why we’re launching the RG Foundation. It’s a $5 million project running over the next several years. With a mission matching Reward Gateway’s : ”To make the world a better place to work.” it will support charities and programs globally focussing on three priority areas:

  • Women's empowerment and equality
  • Ethnic minority and youth entrepreneurship
  • Helping people back to meaningful work

And we’re doing this because we’re serious when we say, we want the world to be a better place to work. For everyone.

The RG Foundation will be open for grant applications around June. In the meantime, you can find out more and register for updates at