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Asperity Employee Benefits Ltd has achieved certification from BSI to the environmental management system standard, ISO 14001:2004 after demonstrating its compliance with the standard.

The lengthy assessment process required a thorough re-working of office policies and company processes in order to prove Asperity’s commitment to minimising its adverse environmental impact and preventing pollution. Areas such as energy use, business travel, waste disposal and the use of non-renewable and non-sustainable resources were investigated internally and adapted in order to minimise the company’s environmental impact.

Helen Craik, Operations Director at Asperity, said: “With more and more clients and prospective clients demanding good environmental practice from their suppliers, we felt that a certification of this kind would further cement our reputation as the market leader in voluntary benefits. As a company which prides itself on innovation, we did not want to fall down on areas that are important to our clients but that can so easily be overlooked as ‘unnecessary’ by other providers. Following this line of thinking, we are also in the process of working with BSI to attain the information security standard (ISO 27001:2005), which we hope to complete by this summer.”

As well as initially meeting the requirements of the standard to achieve certification, Asperity must maintain these throughout the year and will have two further full-day assessments in order to retain this certificate.