Several Asperity clients were celebrating yesterday after taking home an array of trophies at the Employee Benefits Awards yesterday. Asperity clients Youth Hostel Association (YHA), Specsavers, American Express, Bromford Group and McDonald’s all scooped the top prize in various categories that lay acclaim for employee benefits, reward and employee communication strategy.

Having launched new voluntary benefits schemes in the last year with Asperity’s Reward Gateway employee discount platform, YHA, Specsavers and Bromford were pleased with the result:

“We’re thrilled to have won an award for ‘The most effective use of a voluntary benefits plan’; it really helps put our employer brand on the map,” says Mary Jane Seddon, Senior Manager of Reward & Policy for Specsavers. “We’ve been working very closely with Asperity in the last year to achieve a highly successful employee benefits programme and they have really supported us in realising our goals.”

The awards ceremony was held at the HAC in London yesterday and was attended by 700 top employee benefits professionals.

The McDonald’s HR team was revelling in its achievements last night as the restaurant chain picked up the top prize of the night – the Grand Prix for overall achievement in employee benefits – in addition to ‘Most effective reward strategy alignment with business strategy’.

A summary of Asperity clients’ Employee Benefits Awards wins:

YHA – ‘Most effective benefits strategy in a public sector or voluntary organisation’

Specsavers – ‘Most effective use of a voluntary benefits plan and staff deals’

American Express – ‘Most effective benefit and reward strategy for employees based outside the UK’

Bromford Group – ‘Most effective benefits communications strategy’

McDonald’s – ‘Most effective reward strategy alignment with business strategy’ AND Grand Prix