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Asperity Employee Benefits has launched a full service, international concierge product aimed at employees who need to fit a lot into the working day. RG Concierge will enable them to free up time for their business priorities.

RG Concierge can be provided in different ways to suit different requirements -as a group benefit, paid for by the employer for top managers, as an opt-in product paid for by employees through a voluntary benefit scheme or as an option on a flexible benefits programme, or even a combination of these.

The concierge facility is available 24/7 in 11 different languages. Concierge assistants can help users with everything from hard-to-get restaurant bookings, access to sold out events, planning and booking corporate or social travel and helping with business problems such as finding suppliers in home or other countries. The service is being provided in association with Ten Lifestyle the leader in high end, lifestyle concierge who service many thousands of requests per month from their London headquarters

Asperity has tailored the product and pricing to appeal in the corporate market and has integrated parts of the concierge facility into Reward Gateway, their integrated online voluntary benefits programme.

Asperity’s MD, Glenn Elliott, said “With the constant pressures on time and money in business, our clients are always looking for ways to get more out of senior people’s time. RG Concierge can help, either by shifting personal tasks off the executive’s list onto the assistant or by delivering real business tasks. People often think that concierge is just for personal tasks, such as guest lists for clubs and booking restaurants, but we can really excel at business issues at well. We’ve produced a shortlist of possible factories for a high end maker of men’s shoes in Rome and arranged for delivery of bespoke photographic equipment to a fashion shoot in Paris. These can be really tricky tasks when you are up against the clock and the complexity is multiplied when you’re operating in a foreign language and different environment”.

George Evans, Business Development Director of Ten Lifestyle said, “We’re delighted to be working with Asperity on this corporate focussed concierge product. The average request would save up to 75 minutes for an employee member, giving the employer a significant saving in corporate productivity.

Asperity’s existing corporate clients can benefit from special rates on the service which launches on 1st July 2008.