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Asperity Employee Benefits has launched a new employee benefits platform for Kellogg’s

Asperity Employee Benefits has launched a new employee benefits platform for Kellogg’s, entitled ‘Kellogg’s Cornflex’. The scheme has already proved to be a resounding success, with 50% take-up and £60,000 spend since the launch on 12 November.

Asperity’s proven success at engaging offline workforces was a huge bonus for the leading food manufacturer, whose 2000 factory-based staff across the UK and Ireland do not have internet access at work. The addition of a discounts programme offering a wealth of everyday savings satisfies Kellogg’s objective to benefit the entire families of their employees.

Choosing a provider that integrates all their existing benefits into one central platform has enabled Kellogg’s employees to be aware of their benefits package as a whole, increasing employee engagement across all modules. The Kellogg’s Cornflex BenefitsHub™ integrates cycle to work, childcare vouchers, holiday trading, discounts and PMI into one central place for ease of access for employees.

Jenni Yates, Account Manager for Kellogg’s confirmed that “reaching employees on an individual level was a key objective for Kellogg’s, so being able to tailor their package to the individual was a crucial reason for choosing Asperity. I worked closely with Jane Bell to design a highly bespoke communication plan, including a personalised letter to all employees’ home addresses to inform them of the change of provider and promote the new benefits.”