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Benefits provider Asperity Employee Benefits has entered into the Reward & Recognition market with the launch of an innovative RealTimeReward™ programme.

The programme allows employers to reward positive behaviours in employees by shortening the gap between the employee being nominated and the employee receiving the reward. In other reward and recognition systems there can be a delay of some days or even weeks between an employee being nominated, the various approvals being made and the voucher or award notification being despatched. In Asperity’s new scheme, an employee can be nominated for an award, have approval given and the award despatched by e-voucher or even SMS text - all in less than an hour.

Ross Musgrove, Head of Product Operations for Asperity, said “We’ve built some really fantastic technology as the enabler for this product, which allows employers to really speed up the whole process. It’s so easy and fast, we’re seeing a real uplift in the results we get from R&R programmes that have moved over. Compared to the traditional points and catalogue schemes which have become discredited over the years, the ability to have an e-voucher - or with some retailers, an SMS text - sent in real time is a massive improvement.”

Director of HR Policy at Asperity, Helen Craik added “Timeliness is critical to the effectiveness of a reward and recognition scheme. There’s no point in receiving a ‘thank you’ for something if you can hardly remember what you did and there are many schemes that fail because of this. RealTimeReward™ is genuinely the first system available that allows an employer to shorten the approval and fulfilment process to a matter of hours.”

Asperity’s RealTimeReward™ technology is fully integrated into the Reward Gateway employee benefits system allowing employers to have a single website covering employee discounts, salary sacrifice benefits, total reward and employee-paid healthcare. Employee support is provided by Asperity’s in-house 7 day per week Helpdesk.