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EBRD experienced record engagement in their employee benefits scheme provided by Asperity.

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, the largest financial investor in its field, experienced record engagement in their employee benefits scheme, following a recent roadshow provided by Asperity Employee Benefits.

EBRD launched their employee benefits scheme in 2009 to over 1400 employees with leading benefits provider, Asperity. The scheme offers exclusive discounts at over 3000 well-known and niche retailers, popular because of the noticeable savings created for employees. Since going live, the scheme has achieved an average of 77% employee engagement per month.

Despite these high figures, employee engagement has remained unchanged over the past few months, and EBRD staff wanted to stimulate engagement. EBRD held a recent roadshow to reinvigorate staff engagement in the benefits scheme.

The roadshow, held in October at the EBRD headquarters in London, gave employees the chance to ask questions about their scheme, test out the new Reward Gateway 4 platform, and take home small tokens including brightly colored piggy banks branded with their company logo.

Stephanie Marks, account manager of the ‘EBRD Staff Discounts’ scheme, attributes the success of the roadshow to the “accessibility of information available to EBRD employees and their enthusiasm about voluntary benefits.” She noted, “the number of employees in attendance was amazing.”

Julia Kemp, Associate Manager for Compensation & Benefits at EBRD commented: "The roadshow was a great way to keep our employees excited about their benefits and to keep the programme fresh. Many of our employees who weren’t registered, or hadn’t really been using the site, were given a hands-on demonstration of the product and could ask any questions they wanted.”

Following the roadshow, employee engagement, which had remained constant for months, had jumped to 83% and employee spend throughout the portal had risen significantly.