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Top UK provider of affordable and supported housing, Home Group, has received positive feedback and increased engagement following a competition it ran for staff in conjunction with the company’s employee discounts provider, Asperity Employee Benefits.

The competition to find out what colleagues thought of Open Door Rewards was run as a communications initiative to drive employee takeup of Home Group’s Open Door Rewards programme, which launched in May 2010.

Home Group worked closely with provider Asperity to design the competition, which ran throughout the month of November. Employees were asked to write in about their experiences with their benefits programme and encouraged to be creative with their stories in content and style. By participating, employees were entered into a prize draw to win £100 worth of vouchers to spend through the employee discounts portal, as well as having their story published in Home Group’s internal magazine.

The winning entrant opted to submit a poem expressing the real savings he gained through using Open Door Rewards. The poem, consisting of rhyming stanzas, four lines each, elaborated the many places he had found day-to-day savings due to his benefits.

As well as aiming to personalise the shopping experience for other employees, by seeing the ways their co-workers save, the competition also served to increased engagement. In the month of November alone 106 additional Home Group employees registered for the site.

The Open Door Rewards programme enables Home Group’s 3,500 employees to access over 3,000 savings with top retailers including Vodafone, ASDA, House of Fraser and Comet.

Since launch, over 60% of Home Group employees across the UK have registered with the Open Door Rewards programme.