LSG rapidly expands benefits platform with Asperity after achieving record engagement.

Leading provider of lifestyle assistance solutions, LSG (Lifestyle Services Group) are so impressed by the initial take-up of their employee discounts scheme that they are rapidly adding modules to their benefits platform. The company initially launched discounts last December, and since then has grown their "LSG Benefits" portal to include Childcare Vouchers, Cycle to Work and Gymflex.

LSG's 1100 employees, predominantly based in the North West of England, have so far enjoyed shopping discounts at over 3000 retailers, with savings available both online and in-store. Subsequent access to tax-efficient modules has been provided since the initial launch, with Cycle to Work launching late last year and Childcare Vouchers launching on 1 August earlier this year. After the success of the engagement with shopping discounts and tax-efficient modules, plans are now in motion to make Gymflex available on the "LSG Benefits" platform in the not so distant future.

A little over six months after launching "LSG Benefits", engagement with the scheme already stands at 82%, thanks to a big push on communications throughout the duration of the scheme. "We were keen to have the scheme up and running in time for employees to get discounts on their last minute Christmas shopping", affirms Iain Cartwright, Employee Engagement Manager at LSG. "We chose Asperity with that in mind because of their emphasis on promotional campaigns, which had the desired effect of getting the majority of our workforce involved early on" he continues. "After seeing how well the discounts were received, we decided to look into what else Asperity could offer to benefit our employees. Having our entire benefits package available to access in one place has really helped to maximise engagement across the entire platform".

The communications plan for LSG Benefits centres around Asperity's trademarked Communic8 method, which has successfully integrated the promotion of the additional modules as they have been bolted on.

"We're really impressed with Asperity's focus on seamlessly promoting our benefits platform as a whole", said Sarah Lewis, Internal Communications Advisor. "The way that the additional modules have been factored into our eight point communications plan as we've added them looks really polished and really conveys how easy it is for our employees to access everything in one place".

George Farrow, Client Services Director at Asperity, is particularly pleased with the "good rapport between LSG and Asperity. LSG's high tech approach to communicating their benefits platform via their intranet and internal screens has undoubtedly contributed to their excellent engagement, and we look forward to working them on growing their offering further in the future".