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The UK’s leading baker, Warburtons launches new employee discount programme called 'Extra Dough'

The UK’s leading baker, Warburtons, has just launched a brand new discounts programme for its 4,300 employees. With an employee base spread out over 26 different bakery and depot locations, and with the majority of people in the bakeries without access to a PC at work, Warburtons realised it would be challenge to engage their workforce with the new benefit. However, the programme has already proven to be a success with over £90,000 spent through the scheme in the first four weeks since launch.

The scheme, provided by Asperity Employee Benefits offers employees 3,000 offers at leading brand products and services, like M&S, Amazon.co.uk, Debenhams and House of Fraser, and has the potential to save employees thousands of pounds per year.

In partnership with Asperity, Warburtons designed a hugely innovative teaser campaign, nominating 'site champions' at each of their bakeries to trial and master the new programme's features in advance of launch. Webinars were used to demonstrate the site to key stakeholders, site champions and the HR teams in advance of launch.

Teaser posters were put up at each location to create a buzz, advertising the programme name 'Extra Dough' coming soon. During launch week, business cards and brochures with the URL of the new programme were distributed at every site and 'Extra Dough' sweets were handed out to all staff.

'Everyone was really excited about the new discounts programme and we have had over 1,200 registrations in the first four weeks' said Ann Williamson, Group Reward Manager for Warburtons. 'Asperity was really flexible about how we wanted to launch, and helped us tailor all our comms to reflect our corporate guidelines whilst at the same time creating the 'Extra Dough' brand for us.'

The team's next steps are to create a blog or forum area for employees to share their saving success stories, and plan to investigate how social media can help to drive use and engagement with the new benefit even further.