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Reward Marketplace blends a new Amazon integration with custom awards, e-gift cards & charitable giving for a powerful consumer-grade experience

Reward Gateway, a global industry leader in employee engagement, recognition and reward, today announced the launch of its Reward Marketplace, an industry-first flexible redemption experience for employees which breaks with traditional reward solutions by expanding the range and categories of rewards in one streamlined, easy-to-use hub. In addition to hundreds of instant e-gift cards, users can seamlessly connect with Amazon to access its millions of products. The Reward Marketplace also provides options for one-of-a-kind company offerings or the ability to donate reward funds to a charity.

Flexible by design, the Reward Marketplace allows employers to uniquely brand and name their redemption hub and add reward categories or experiences that best suit the organizations’ needs. The addition of a full Amazon integration ensures fast, global delivery of their full catalog of products and direct, hassle-free returns or exchanges. All platform rewards are provided at market pricing, allowing employees to receive the full value of their award.

This unique approach to rewards supports what employees value in their redemption experience. A recent survey of 1,500 employees across the U.S., UK and Australia found that choice (41%) and transparency (33%) meant the most when redeeming rewards from their employer.  

According to Rob Boland, Reward Gateway COO: 

“Employers want to deliver an end-to-end reward experience that delights their employees. Too often, however, limited, outdated gift selections, a clunky shopping experience, hidden fees that erode the reward value, and delayed delivery times all contribute to employee dissatisfaction, ultimately negating the impact of the award itself. The Reward Marketplace ensures that the redemption and fulfillment process creates memorable and meaningful reward moments, in line with employees’ own preferences.”

To see the Reward Marketplace in action and learn more about our new capabilities, register for our exclusive webinar on February 9th. 

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