How MNF Group connects and engages its people to improve visibility and connections

One of the biggest challenges for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic has been communicating with employees. Communication has become more difficult as employees are working remotely, dispersed across locations or on the front lines, and businesses without a digital system in place have struggled to reach and engage these employees.

MNF Group, a growing global telecommunications provider and Reward Gateway client, was familiar with this challenge. With more than 400 employees working in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the U.S., Canada and Singapore, MNF Group had experienced the challenge of keeping a dispersed workforce informed and connected before, and this became increasingly important as the COVID-19 pandemic struck. 

connecting remote workers during COVID-19

As MNF’s workforce transitioned to remote work, its engagement platform "Launchpad" became a centerpoint to its company communications strategy. They published company-wide, and team or region-specific blog posts to give people the most relevant and accurate information first, and used employee surveys to gather feedback from employees about their remote work needs to help the People Experience team plan for their return to workplaces. 

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Emma Trehy, People Experience Manager at MNF says,

One of the biggest benefits for us has been the ability to cut through the noise that’s in people’s inboxes or instant chats. To have that one people platform where employees could get all their information has made it so much easier for us to connect with everyone. Launchpad was as much an investment in employee engagement as it was in communications. 

During the pandemic, the team also added a COVID-19 information hub where employees could find answers to frequently asked questions, health and safety updates and links to remote working policies and setup instructions. Launchpad also features an employee wellness program containing hundreds of resources to support employees’ mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the company’s corporate discounts and recognition programs.


Being able to segment information for employees in different teams or countries gave the People Experience Team flexibility of tailoring messages for their global workforce, and reduced the administrative burden of re-writing messages and managing email lists. 

The platform’s search function also meant employees could easily locate the information they needed without having to search through multiple email threads. Launchpad is a centralized place for employees to go to stay in the loop and stay connected to one another, despite geographical location.  

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Glenn Franklin

Glenn Franklin is a Corporate Client Success Manager at Reward Gateway. Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, he moved to Australia at the start of 2016 after completing a degree in Music Technology, and has barely looked back.

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