Our wellbeing is impacted by every aspect of our lives, making its sustainability a challenge of its own.

Reward Gateway’s wellbeing app, MoveSpring, has a new feature to make holistic wellbeing easier to maintain. Explore brings our wide variety of wellbeing content together into one browsable collection so employees can hop between wellbeing categories with ease and find exactly what they need – whenever and wherever they need it – from exercise classes to yoga routines to meditation and mindfulness practices and more.

What is Explore?

Explore opens up with recommended featured content and offers tabs for various wellbeing aspects like Workouts, Mind, Recipes and Sleep.Explore is a feature in MoveSpring that gives your users access to on-demand mental, physical and nutritional wellness content straight from the MoveSpring platform. The Explore tab offers an assortment of content types, including videos, audio clips and recipes that your users can engage with to support their wellbeing.

When users first open the Explore tab, they are greeted with a Daily Recommendation on the Featured page. 

On the Featured page of Explore, users will see a daily recommendation, content that can be completed in under 15 minutes, and weekly highlights from every topic, including Workouts, Mind, Recipes, and Sleep.

Users can also browse each Explore topic using the top navigation bar. Available topics include:

  • Workouts: From strength and cardio to yoga and recovery, on-the-go workout sessions allow users to workout at anytime, anywhere.
  • Mind: Find meditations for focus, positivity, gratitude, mindfulness, and more. 
  • Recipes: Collection of nutritious and delicious recipes readily available for anyone seeking culinary inspiration at their fingertips.
  • Sleep: Sleep meditations, stories, and soundscapes for a restful night.

Check out healthy recipes available in Explore, each rated for complexity and time investment.Users will also have the ability to curate their own “Saved” list of content, allowing them to easily store content for later use (like meal planning or workout schedules). Learn more about the in-app user experience.

Explore analytics

The admin center also offers easy-to-use Explore analytics highlighting which content and topics are most popular at your organization, as well as which participants are most engaged with the Explore feature. Filter by year, quarter or month to see data for that specific timeframe, or pull an Explore report to access more granular data. 

Why should I enable Explore?

Year-round engagement – and no admin management required!

The Explore feature provides ongoing, year-round value to your users with no management work from you. Our team at MoveSpring will continue to update the Explore feature regularly with new workouts, recipes, meditations, and more from our content partners for your users to engage with.

Provide holistic wellbeing content to your users in a convenient location.

With just a few taps on their mobile devices (or clicks online), users can access a variety of resources aimed at improving their mental, physical, and nutritional wellbeing.

Explore also offers mental wellbeing content through meditation and mindfulness practices, from videos to audio tracks to textual content.Offer wellbeing content in a variety of categories.

Your employees are unique. The Explore feature allows users to browse through a variety of resources and engage with content that resonates with them. Users also have the ability to save content for later by using the bookmark icon for content in Explore.

Gain wellbeing insights for future challenge ideas and more.

With Explore analytics available in the admin center, learn which kinds of content have been viewed the most in your organization to better understand the interests of your group. This knowledge can inform future challenge ideas or other wellbeing-focused initiatives for your organization. Learn more about Explore analytics and reporting.

Get started with Explore

Explore is available to all MoveSpring annual plans. If you are on an annual plan, account owners can enable the feature from App Settings in the MoveSpring Admin Center. Once enabled, all users will be able to view the Explore tab from the mobile app and on web. 

Learn more about how Reward Gateway’s suite of employee engagement solutions can improve morale, strengthen employee overall wellbeing and reduce attrition. Schedule a demo with one of our friendly experts today!

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Aubrey Brevard

As a Product Manager at Reward Gateway, Aubrey is passionate about bringing wellbeing solutions to life to make the world a better place to work. When she's not advocating for improved employee wellbeing, you'll find Aubrey exploring her new city and baking chocolate chip cookies or a fresh loaf of sourdough bread.

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