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Whether communicating to a workforce of three hundred, three thousand, or three hundred thousand, you need to make sure your message is wrapped in an exciting employee communication idea. Gone are the days when sending a memo around the office would grab your employees’ interest.

Now, you need your employee communications to pop. Your messages need to cut through everything else which will take the attention of your employees away.

Below, I’ve shared a few ideas which you can use to start thinking about how to make your employee communications more fun:

Put personality first

It's important not to be afraid to show personality in your employee communications because every piece we send out is as a chance to connect with people in the business and reinforce a positive culture. We did some fun work with a client to link their employees back to their engagement hub through Slack, their internal messaging system, by using GIFs and informal messages which tied to a theme.


DueDil has an informal internal tone of voice and using Slack as a channel for its employee communications adds to the idea that these are friendly, off-hand messages. Now, obviously, pizza is always a great way to generate engagement, but the client saw a spike in employees logging into their employee engagement solution when posting these messages on a weekly basis.

Find alternative employee communication channels

There’s a golden rule with employee communications of “repeat your message three times to make it stick.” Repetition alone can get a bit tedious – think of the toddler who constantly asks for the same thing – so the fun really comes in finding different ways you can deliver your message. At RG, we’re fortunate to have a CEO, Doug, who’s really connected to our business and each week, he writes a blog post to make announcements, share business results, and summarize his thoughts. Whilst Doug’s blog is well-read, it's a tough feat to gather 100% engagement each and every week. 


Cue our video content. Ivana is part of our Internal Comms Team and has a weekly video segment on our own employee communications platform. Called “The Long Story Short,” it’s another employee communication idea which allows those who would rather watch a video than read a blog post to digest what’s happening in the business. Ivana also works in our Plovdiv office in Bulgaria, which is our biggest in the company, and having her as the face on our video content gives that area of the business a more familiar figure to relate to.

Lean into nostalgia

Another member of our Internal Communications Team who's a frequent blog contributor, Cat Lewis, was tasked with writing about why effective employee communications are important. And in a boundary pushing style true to effective employee communications, Catrin stayed away from writing a simple blog post – opting instead to write a fairytale.

Catrin’s reason for choosing a fairytale to tell the importance of good employee communication ideas was to make it a memorable experience by giving a feeling of nostalgia. More people were interested in reading the fairytale as it reminded them of their favorite stories from when they were little, and it helped get across a serious business message because it was more engaging. You can check out Cat's presentation on her fairytale below: 

Embrace new forms of technology

QR codes have had a mixed reception in recent years and have more or less fallen out of fashion now. In case you don't know what QR codes are, they’re the small boxes made up of black and white squares which you can scan with your smartphone’s camera. I’ve mainly recommended against them due to you needing to install an additional app to scan, and having an extra step in your employee communications will instantly put a barrier up for even the most engaged.

But recently, Facebook added a QR code scanning functionality to their Messenger app.

And with Messenger having 1.2 billion daily active users, it’s highly likely that a large amount of your workforce do too.

With this in mind, we put a QR code on posters which clients used to promote our employee discounts app to their workforce. Employees would scan the QR code through Messenger and a simple, friendly chatbot would guide them through how to install the employee discount app, depending on their chosen smartphone.

And now, over to you...

These are only a few examples of the ways in which we and our clients are on a quest to make their employee communications more fun, and the best thing you can do is make sure you capture both your personality and the personality of your business when you’re communicating with your people.

You know your workforce better than anyone else and know what makes them tick. Tap into that, tailor your communication ideas to it, sprinkle your personal touch, and you’ll be onto a winner.

If you’d like to talk about employee communication ideas or employee engagement in general, please, get in touch with me and I’ll see how I can help.

Pippa Arthur-Van Praagh

Pippa is our Product Strategy & Enablement Director, with a laser focus on refining our product to align with client needs and challenges. With over 15 years’ experience modernizing systems to better engage employees, she’s passionate about translating customer insights into innovative products that make the world a better place to work.

Product Strategy & Enablement Director

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