WEBINAR Thursday 8th October, 11 a.m. AEDT

Tackling Employee Burnout - Unpacking Strategies to Nurture Long-Term Motivation, Productivity and Connection

When the pandemic started to impact businesses, adrenalin kicked in and many organisations channeled that energy into great initiatives and behaviours that helped connect, recognise and support employees. Fast forward 6 months and that energy is fading — both leaders and employees are telling us they're tired. Are you or your people feeling burnt out, disengaged and fatigued from the uncertainty and isolation brought on by COVID?

Join us on Thursday 8th October as we share how organisations can create work environments where people can adapt and thrive in the face of challenge and change. We'll discuss how to:

  • Strengthen the manager-employee relationship with impactful communication and feedback strategies
  • Create tools and channels that boost your employees' sense of belonging, contribution and connection
  • Build a culture of recognition and create a ripple effect of support across all layers of your organisation
  • Ensure employees are maximising the benefits and resources that will support their wellbeing, growth and productivity

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