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The employee experience platform your people will want to use

Discover how an easy-to-use employee experience platform can help Improve and increase employee engagement by unifying and simplifying employee communications, reward and recognition, and more.

Our all-in-one employee experience platform, called SmartHub®, helps your organisation host employee engagement solutions and promote what’s important to your business in one place. From employee benefits to employee reward and recognition, communications, wellbeing and more, your platform can be tailored with any combination of employee engagement tools.

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Transform your Employee Experience with a tailored platform: 

customised employee experience platform

Enjoy a tailor-made design

Customise a platform that suits your people, and your brand

centralised employee experience platform

Offer a centralised hub

Showcase what means most to your business

flexible employee experience platform

Use interchangeable layouts

Deliver a platform that's easy to change, without IT’s help

Make your employee experience platform uniquely yours

Tailor your own employee experience platform to get in front of your employees with important company updates or announcements, news of exciting HR initiatives or other communications quickly and easily.

Tailor to your brand and your people

Put your employee experience solution in place with the help of an Implementation Team, and design an engagement strategy to make platform visits a part of your employees’ everyday experience. Your team can visit and access the platform anywhere, anytime through responsive design. Our internal design team will help create a platform that speaks to your goals, brand and even colour palette.

Prove employee experience and engagement ROI 

See how your employees are engaging with your employee experience platform with real-time engagement analytics. View key metrics to understand how, when, and where your employees are visiting. Gain insight by looking at data across all your solutions to improve your employee experience and engagement strategy.

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“With the introduction of our communications platform, The KK Mixer, we’ve transitioned our HR communications to a branded, culture-driven platform that employees love engaging with. And as they’re engaging with the platform, they’re learning more. About the company, and about how they can make it a better place to work."

Head of People & Culture at Freightways Australia

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