How employee reward and recognition links to employee engagement

Can you have one without the other?


When you think about employee engagement and recognition it seems obvious to many that they go hand in hand. But far too often companies will try to improve employee engagement without getting to the core of employee recognition and missing the link between employee engagement and recognition. And that link is that the right kind of employee recognition program and focusing on proper ways to recognize employees can — and will — have a direct impact on how engaged an employee is. Leading to the very business results that employers seek, which stem from improved employee engagement and an engaged workforce. Engaged employees...

  1. Make better decisions because they understand more
  2. Are more productive because they like or love what they are doing
  3. Innovate more because they deeply want the organization to succeed

And how can you engage your employees? By developing an employee recognition program that fills some of the most basic human needs — a sense of belonging, feeling accomplished and also feeling fulfilled. When your recognition program directly links to behaviors that drive engagement, and therefore business results, you’ve just put together a recipe for recognition success.

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