Are you recognizing employees the right way?

The old-school ways of how to recognize your employees are in the rear view mirror

recognizing employees

There’s a conversation happening in the world of employee reward and recognition programs, and if you’re not listening, you’re apt to fall behind.

Old-school tactics just aren’t cutting it anymore, and if you want to wow your employees and begin recognizing employees properly, it’s time to step away from the clocks and watches of the past, and embrace continuous, timely employee recognition.

While there’s nothing wrong with employees who stay at a company, rewarding only on long-service is not the best way to motivate your workforce to stay. Recognition will only change when HR professionals understand that you get long tenure not just by rewarding the tenure itself, but by creating an engaging workforce where people feel they are seen, heard, recognized and valued. For who they are, and what they do every day. How do you recognize employees matters to your business, and to your people.

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The wrong way to recognize employees:

  1. Infrequently (such as only at annual or quarterly events)
  2. Hidden
  3. Impersonal
  4. Not linking to business values
  5. Only comes from the top-down

The right ways to recognize employees:

  1. Make it meaningful and give employees a reward that they'll actually use and enjoy.
  2. Make it unified so recognition is accessible to anyone at your company, under one brand — yours. Embrace peer-to-peer recognition as well as manager-led and leadership-led awards so you create a culture of continuous recognition.
  3. Make it timely by having moments of employee recognition accessible anytime, anywhere and to anyone.
  4. Make it specific and link employee reward and recognition to behaviors that are linked to your company values, mission and purpose so employees understand that their actions have a larger impact on the business and are more apt to repeat values-driven behavior to lead your business closer to its goals.

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