What do I name my employee reward and recognition program?

Popular employee recognition program names

how to name your employee recognition program

The name of your employee recognition program is critically important to its success. We know that sounds a little scary, but the truth is that it’s similar to choosing the proper placement for a cornerstone of a building — choose wisely, and your building will stand tall. But the wrong placement means your building will likely come tumbling down!

Choosing a name can be a tricky task for those that think they lack creativity, or to find one that will really resonate with employees. Here are a few tips, plus some popular employee recognition program names to get the wheels turning as you choose your own employee recognition program name.

First, make sure you involve others

Don’t go at it alone. By involving others you’ll increase the list of ideas for a recognition program name to choose from, but you’ll also get an added benefit of achieving buy-in for the name. When people feel like they were a part of the decision, whether through a quick poll, a dedicated focus group or even a shared Google doc, they’re more likely to invest time and energy into using your ideas when launching an employee recognition program.

Don’t settle for ordinary or boring

Choosing a name for employee recognition programs isn’t something that should be rushed. Since a name is something that is going to be around for awhile, you really want to get it right. If you give up you’ll kick yourself later, thinking “if only” I had stuck it out and waited for the right name.

Deliver meaning with your employee recognition program name

Don’t be distracted by something that’s clever and fun that doesn’t have true meaning to your programs. We’ve found it’s a good idea to take inspiration from names suggested by employees and brainstorming off of those to narrow in on your focus.

A couple other short tips to name an employee recognition program:

Make it easy to remember Make it easy to spell Make it exciting    

And what about those popular names we mentioned? Here’s a chart of some of the most popular Reward Gateway client employee recognition program names:

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.59.44 AM

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