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Maintaining employee morale and shifting to a remote-work culture are reportedly the two biggest challenges for companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, a pulse survey conducted by global employee engagement company Reward Gateway shows.

The survey, conducted as part of a recent webinar series, gathered responses from 725 HR leaders representing a number of industries across the UK, U.S. and Australia. Results are supported by usage data from Reward Gateway’s own platform, which shows an increase in communication and recognition activity since the pandemic began.

Year-over-year increases for the months of March and April from across Reward Gateway’s 1,800 clients and 5 million users show:

  • A 96% increase in internal communication blog post frequency 
  • A 560% increase in internal communication blog post views 
  • A 94% increase in peer-to-peer employee recognition eCards sent
  • A 109% increase in monetary recognition awards given to employees

“We are truly grateful for the role the Reward Gateway platform is playing in helping us navigate this crisis,” said Phil Burgess, Chief People & Operations Officer of C Space, a Reward Gateway client. “It’s become a central hub for communications. The Values Nominations are being highlighted at staff meetings, and 90% of our people logged in last week. When we look back, this may be seen as a key moment in shaping our culture and driving behavioral change.”

“Our clients are focused on helping employees feel informed, connected and supported, especially as many shift to remote work styles or manage frontline workers,” stated Reward Gateway’s Chief Operating Officer Rob Boland. “Giving employees timely and accurate information and showing them that they are valued and appreciated can help ease the feelings of isolation and anxiety and ensure employees remain engaged and productive.” 

To learn more about Reward Gateway’s resources for employers during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.

strengthening company culture in a remote work environmentExamples of eCards created by Reward Gateway clients to boost morale and show appreciation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

strengthening company culture in a remote work environmentAn example of how Reward Gateway CEO Doug Butler uses the blog tool to inform employees about company updates while working remotely.

An example of how Reward Gateway keeps employees updated with relevant information from any device, at any time.  

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