A must-have resource for leaders from Culture Expert and Reward Gateway President of Employee Engagement Gregg Lederman.  

BOSTON –– (Oct. 3, 2018) Global employee engagement company Reward Gateway announced today the release of CRAVE! You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday™ from workplace culture expert and New York Times best-selling author Gregg Lederman. Lederman is Reward Gateway’s new global President of Employee Engagement.

Two-thirds of the American workforce are disengaged today, according to a Gallup poll — a figure that has not changed in over a decade, despite billions of dollars invested in employee engagement technology. In CRAVE!, Lederman uses 80-plus years of research to prove that people are disengaged because they are not getting enough of what they crave at work: Respect, Purpose, and Relationship. Gallup estimates this is costing U.S. companies $450 billion to $550 billion per year.

Lederman says it’s only when these three cravings are fulfilled that organizations can begin to experience real change in employee engagement. He also shares the science and secret of how managers can give employees what they CRAVE! through the power of strategic recognition to accelerate business results.

As CEO of Brand Integrity, acquired by Reward Gateway in July, Lederman spent 15 years consulting business leaders on what it takes to make real, sustainable culture transformation happen within their organizations. The result of his work is the CRAVE! framework. Now, companies can take advantage of the Reward Gateway platform and the CRAVE! methodology to deliver the respect, purpose, and relationships employees need most.

After reading CRAVE!, leaders will view recognition as a management discipline that will help their company achieve the business results that matter most to their team, department, or organization.

On the publication of CRAVE!, Lederman says:

“The CRAVE! method instantly turns a manager into a better leader. 10 Minutes by Friday is all it takes to feed employees what they CRAVE! and lead to more engagement, a better work environment, higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately improved business outcomes. Give people more of what they CRAVE! and you get more employee engagement. It’s that simple. In CRAVE!, I used science to show what people are starving for at work and created an actionable resource for business leaders who want to move the needle on engagement within their companies and accelerate business outcomes.”  

Rob Lynch, President, Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., says:

CRAVE! is a handbook for all company leaders who want to become more profitable by building a culture of recognition and appreciation. As in most industries, turnover is a significant cost driver in the restaurant business. Lederman shares a simple, habit-building approach to shutting the revolving door by inspiring employees with the WHY, instead of constantly having to tell them WHAT to do."

Business leaders around the world are praising CRAVE! for its scientific, yet simple and practical, approach to addressing the employee engagement problem. Purchase a copy of CRAVE! on Amazon. Learn more about why employees are starving for recognition at work and request Lederman to speak to your organization about CRAVE! now at https://www.rewardgateway.com/blog/crave-book-launch.

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