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Reward Gateway, a global industry leader in employee engagement, today announced a new, two-way integration with Microsoft Teams to allow for seamless recognition within the popular collaboration platform. Organizations now can instantly send and receive recognition moments without leaving Teams, increasing the visibility of good work and shining a spotlight on company values and desired employee behaviors. Research shows that timely, strategic recognition can increase employee engagement scores by up to 37%, bolstering employees’ feelings of value and connection to the organization and to one another.

According to Rob Boland, COO of Reward Gateway: 

“These days, it’s more critical than ever for organizations to connect, recognize and support employees quickly and easily in the flow of work. At Reward Gateway, our goal is to make existing technology work with teams, not against them, to make the recognition experience as seamless as possible. The ability to send and receive recognition in the moment – within Microsoft Teams – raises the visibility of the good work being done by employees.”

Employees will be informed immediately when they receive recognition, according to their own custom alert setup through Teams, whenever and however they prefer. They can receive on-site, email, browser and mobile notifications.

"In today's increasingly dynamic work world, our mutual customers rely on proactive solutions such as Reward Gateway to help employees feel valued and connected to one another," said Daniel Canning, director, product marketing, Teams at Microsoft Corp. "By extending its recognition capabilities, Reward Gateway helps Microsoft customers celebrate great work as it happens from within Teams."

Each integration is supported by a dedicated Reward Gateway Client Success Manager to ensure an effortless deployment and utilization. Reward Gateway is also integrated with additional Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Outlook. To get further information, please visit Microsoft AppSource here.

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