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Reward Gateway, a global industry leader in employee engagement, has worked closely with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to create an accessible employee discounts platform to ensure individuals with vision impairments can fully and independently utilize all services.  RNIB, which employs a significant percentage of employees with visual impairments, sought to fully enable users to access benefits and discounts, regardless of their visual acuity.

Working with RNIB to accomplish these goals, Reward Gateway initiated accessibility testing and strove to ensure that:

  • Assistive technologies such as screen readers could be used
  • The website could be accessed easily by keyboard-only users
  • Font size and line height was big enough
  • Contrast ratio between text and background was high enough
  • Products complied with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. (WCAG 2.0)

The resulting accessibility statement provides platform users with information about the accessibility of content and defined alternatives to gain access — such as by contacting the organization — and plans for resolution.

“We are beyond grateful to have access to a discount portal that everyone can enjoy,” said Matthew Niyazi, Reward Officer, RNIB. ”With 12 million disabled people living in the UK, it’s just not good enough that over 70% of UK websites do not meet accessibility standards. This is another step towards web inclusivity.”

Sevil Rahimova, Head of Product at Reward Gateway, echoes this sentiment. “Inclusivity is part of our Product Manifesto at Reward Gateway, supporting our objective to become the most inclusive employee engagement platform in the world. All of our product designers, developers and quality assurance specialists work to ensure every product and site meets accessibility standards. Our work with RNIB truly put our skill sets to the test. We are so proud of this collaborative step towards accessibility.”

About Reward Gateway

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