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Global employee engagement company, Reward Gateway today announces a partnership with ClassPass, a leading fitness and wellness membership service that provides access to the world’s largest network of fitness and wellness providers. This strategic partnership further expands existing Reward Gateway content that supports employees in three key pillars of wellbeing: Physical, Mental and Financial.  

ClassPass partners with more than 30,000 fitness studios, gyms and wellness centers, and amidst the pandemic, has offered digital workout and meditation classes to more than one million eligible employees. This initiative will bring some of ClassPass’ most viewed workouts to Reward Gateway and enhance the extensive library of curated on-demand fitness videos offered through the Reward Gateway Employee Wellbeing solution. 

This announcement comes at a time when supporting employee wellbeing is critical for employers. A recent Reward Gateway survey found that nearly half (45%) of HR leaders believe employees will rely on their employer to support their wellbeing more than ever.

Commenting on the integration, Reward Gateway's Chief Operating Officer, Rob Boland said the following:

“This year we’ve seen a 242% increase in sales of the wellbeing module of the Reward Gateway employee engagement platform as clients look to support the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of their employees. We’ve also seen a 229% increase in usage among employees of our clients. Partnering with ClassPass, the industry leader for fitness benefits, further supports our clients in an area that will continue to be a critical part of employee engagement.”

“We are delighted to partner with Reward Gateway to bring ClassPass to their global network of clients. More than ever before, employee health and wellbeing is top of mind for employers. We are glad to be a part of Reward Gateway’s work to provide a truly 360-degree fitness and wellness solution to millions of employees around the world, through this period and beyond,” said Chloe Ross, ClassPass VP of International.

The ClassPass capabilities are available on the Reward Gateway Wellbeing Center.

About Reward Gateway: 

Reward Gateway helps more than 1,800 of the world’s leading companies, in 23 countries, to connect, recognize and support their best people with an employee engagement platform that brings employee benefits, discounts and perks, recognition and reward, employee wellbeing, employee communications, and employee surveys into one unified hub. Clients include American Express, Unilever, Samsung, IBM, and McDonald’s. For more information, please visit www.rewardgateway.com.

About ClassPass:

Founded in 2013, ClassPass is a membership that provides access to the world’s largest network of fitness and wellness experiences. ClassPass partners with more than 30,000 pre-vetted exercise studios, health clubs and wellness providers to offer a broad range of digital and in-person classes including yoga, cycling, Pilates, strength training, boxing and more. In addition to workouts, members can instantly book inspiring wellness experiences, such as massages, acupuncture, and spa treatments. ClassPass also helps first-time studio owners, emerging fitness chains and known boutique brands to merchandise their excess inventory, find new customers and generate new streams of revenue. In 2018, ClassPass launched the most employer-friendly Corporate Wellness Program and has partnered with 2,000 companies of all sizes to offer employee fitness and wellness benefits. Learn more at http://classpass.com.