Bad Bosses Ruin Lives: The Building Blocks for Being a Great Boss

Almost everybody who's ever worked a job has had a bad boss – 99.6% of people surveyed agreed. There are dozens of ways people can manage a team successfully, but there are 10 primary ways to do it wrong.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Myths and misconceptions about what makes a boss good or bad
  • The 10 types of bad bosses
  • How to handle, and even correct, each type of bad bossing
  • Real-world examples of how organizations encourage positive management styles

Speaker Details: Alexandra Powell, Director of Client Cultural Insights

Alex Powell is a highly experienced employee engagement consultant, trainer and speaker. For over 20 years, she has helped HR and business leaders implement strategies that drive true culture change. Her wealth of knowledge comes from coaching and training thousands of managers from a wide range of industries across the globe. Alex paves the way to greater adoption and usage for Reward Gateway’s clients through data-driven insights across their global client bases, keeping a pulse on the trends that engage employees most. Organizations and individuals who work with Alex are left motivated and better equipped to lead their organization on a path to a more engaged workforce, making the world a better place to work.

Speaker Details: Debra Corey, Chief Pay-It-Forward Officer at DebCo HR

Debra is a highly experienced and award-winning HR consultant, world-class speaker, and four-time best-selling author who has been named as one of the top 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencers. After 20+ years working for global companies as an HR leader, she now inspires and ‘pays it forward’ by helping others develop and deliver HR strategies in a rebellious way, pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo to truly drive employee engagement.

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