WEBINAR: Shaping Your Wellbeing Strategy to Tackle Burnout

Wednesday September 7th, 1pm - 2pm ET

In the midst of historic levels of burnout, employers are leaning on new ways to engage, retain and motivate their people. But the keys to unlocking greater productivity and dampening the risk of employee burnout are clear. In a recent Reward Gateway study, 80% of U.S. employees said it was important for employers to provide wellbeing tools and resources. Employers must learn how to adjust what they're already doing to build a comprehensive wellbeing strategy to drive their business – and their best people –forward.

Join Director of Client Culture and Engagement Alex Powell as she uncovers how leaders can be more strategic and intentional in building wellbeing, recognition and community initiatives into their day-to-day to tackle employee burnout. In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How the shifting landscape of employee needs has catapulted wellbeing, recognition and community to the top of “must-haves” in your business
  • Tactics to improve employee wellbeing pillars (financial, physical, social and mental) through technology 
  • New ways to create a sense of community in your workplace, no matter where your employees are located, to drive greater connections on a daily basis

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Presented by: Alexandra Powell                                                                                      Director of Client Culture and Engagement, Reward Gateway

Alex is a highly experienced employee engagement consultant, trainer and speaker. For over 15 years she has helped HR and business leaders implement strategies that drive true culture change. Her wealth of knowledge comes from coaching and training thousands of managers from a wide range of industries across the globe. Alex focuses on providing organizations with proven practices that drive results for varied leadership styles and the multiple generations in the modern workforce. Her presentation will leave you motivated and better equipped to lead your organization on a path to a more engaged workforce, making the world a better place to work.