WORKSHOP: 2024 and Beyond: Building a World-Class Reward and Recognition Program

As organizations adjust to the demands of a younger workforce, employers are continuing to seek ways to strengthen culture and retain their best staff. Reward and recognition play an increasingly important role in improving the visibility of positive behavior and empowering leaders to drive tangible results and business impact.

Participate in an interactive session, including a downloadable workshop pack, during which we will unleash best practice strategies for successful reward and recognition, discover opportunities to enhance employee experience and engagement and give you the tools to create a reward and recognition strategy to implement in your organization.

Attend this workshop to discover how to:

  • Create your own Reward and Recognition framework that enables multi-directional and cross-functional reward and recognition
  • Apply the six pillars of recognition success to your organization that bring to life your company values and fuels a positive company culture
  • Implement peer-to-peer and manager-led reward and recognition along with, effective strategies to drive adoption and usage of your program

During the event, we’ll explore how reward and recognition can make a positive impact on employee engagement, performance, wellbeing and culture, and you’ll be equipped with the information and tools you need to build a world-class program at your company!

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