A mobile employee engagement app built for connections and communication

Keep your workforce feeling connected to one another, to the company, and to your unique culture – no matter where they work. The Connect+ app puts the power of reward and recognition, real-time news and social interactions in the hands of your people helping to create a motivated, engaged and aligned workforce, especially when working from home or on the front lines.

Connect your people to your company, purpose and values – and to one another

Make an impact on employee engagement with an employee engagement mobile app that reaches everyone, everywhere and at any time. Our employee engagement mobile app helps you:

mobile recognition at work

Boost on-the-go reward and recognition

Employees and managers can quickly send monetary and non=monetary awards to celebrate great work – without waiting to get back to their desk

Remote and frontline employees

Connect employees wherever they work

Keep your people connected to your company, its purpose and values – and to one another

Real-time recognition and communications

Deliver real-time news and updates

Employees can access feeds of both company news and recognition moments, so they never miss a moment

Deliver a comprehensive employee engagement app that your employees will love

Empower your people to feel a part of your wider mission and make an impact in employee engagement with an employee engagement mobile app that reaches everyone, everywhere and at any time.


Real-time feed of recognition

Real-time blog feeds


Commenting features

Enhanced employer branding


Seamless reward sending process

A mobile app branded and tailored for your people

Give employees a great app experience with an employer brand they're already familiar with. The Connect+ app displays your logo, program name, eCard design and all the content on your blogs. Employees can access real-time feeds of the social recognition wall and company blogs, so they never miss a moment — or an opportunity to engage with the platform. Plus, push notifications let employees know there’s something new to explore.

Introduce quick and easy employee recognition

Make recognition a part of your employees’ daily lives by recognising them the way they're already used to. By introducing employees to our on-the-go employee recognition app, employees can now have the social recognition wall right at their fingertips. They can send, comment and react to eCards right from the app. Plus managers can deliver on-the-spot recognition, even during their daily commute! Employees get in-the-moment recognition, and easy access to redeem their reward seamlessly from a range of eGift cards.


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“One of the biggest benefits for us has been the ability to cut through the noise that’s in people’s inboxes or instant chats. To have that one people platform where employees could get all their information has made it so much easier for us to connect with everyone. 'Launchpad' was as much an investment in employee engagement as it was in communications.”

People Experience Manager at MNF Group

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