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Set your benchmark and start to drive change today

Retaining engaged employees is the key to helping organisations thrive in our new world of flexible and hybrid working. But gaining true insight into the current level of employee engagement can be a challenge. Now, the Reward Gateway Engaged Index reveals a single powerful benchmark engagement score. Backed by actionable data analytics, it will help you prevent churn, and strategically measure and drive change in your organisation.

Introduce the Engaged Index to focus your strategy on what matters

The Engaged Index is a critical piece of the overall employee engagement puzzle, and can help shine a light on insights that make a difference to your business. Use the Engaged Index to: 

benchmark engagement quickly

Benchmark engagement at a glance

Measure and track how committed and motivated your employees are

keep employees happy

Prevent employee churn

Identify less engaged employee groups that may be in danger of leaving

manager dashboards

Equip managers with valuable data

Give managers access to team-level dashboards for actionable insights

Deliver a proven formula to better your business

The Engaged Index is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes to understand what is and isn’t working within their organisation and get actionable data to drive change quickly. The Engaged Index is:

Scientifically based

Built on a proprietary formula that calculates workforce engagement


Reveals the most and least engaged employee groups

Easy to use

A quick, four-question survey that can be pulsed out a regular basis

Get the predictive power of the Engaged Index

The Engaged Index consists of four simple, yet powerful survey questions. Individual question responses have solid predictive power and support your leaders with actionable insight into their people. Combining them enables you to capture the most complete picture of engagement in your company. Plus, advanced analytics lets you dig deeper to filter by employee group and compare scores.

Minimise churn, while maximising return

The Engaged Index analytics dashboard highlights employee populations most or least likely to stay, go above and beyond and more. When used within the Reward Gateway employee engagement platform, it can reveal connections between a company’s communications, reward and recognition, wellbeing and benefits strategies, in addition to a company's overall employee engagement.


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“The ability to establish a baseline employee engagement score — and then measure and track it over time — provides critical insight into the impact of our initiatives, as well as helps to identify employee populations that need additional support.”

Chief Operating Officer, Great Lakes Medical Imaging

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