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How Euro Garages used technology to connect employees following a merger

Connecting employees and uniting them under one brand and culture is a challenge many organizations face, and this is only made more difficult when employees don’t work in one location. This was the case for Euro Garages Australia (EG), an automotive organization that was tasked with bringing together its workforce of 4,500 and engaging employees after a merger

When the organization assumed ownership of 500 gas and convenience stores, it struggled to get its dispersed workforce on board with the new EG company culture. Since the previous employees were going to lose the discounts their previous employer offered, EG decided to look for a new and more robust employee discounts offering to help employees with the transition.

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The organization decided to partner with Reward Gateway to design and launch its employee engagement platform "Booster," which included a discounts hub, a wellbeing center and reward and recognition program that were launched in a phased approach over several months.


Booster’s bright colors, employee photographs and approachable branding were central to its design, as it was created to connect all employees to each other and to EG’s company culture and values.

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Employees are able to use the platform on their phones to view the latest company updates, send and receive peer-to-peer eCards, find recipes on the wellbeing center and access discounts to hundreds of retailers on the go. The platform has been very successful, with roughly $60k in employee savings within twelve weeks of launch and 80% of employees regularly using the platform in the first three months. Fast forward another 6 months and EG employees saved $154K

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