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Today’s workforce isn’t typically located in a single office, in one timezone or even on one continent. Instead, employees work remotely, are in different offices across the globe or are on the road every day.

Connecting your employees to one another, and to your company’s purpose, mission and values, is more crucial than ever before – especially if you want to stand out as a top employer in your industry. 

This was the case for one organization in particular, Lime Energy, a forward-thinking organization in the energy efficiency industry. Its mission is to “empower small businesses, energize communities and advance clean energy.”

Lime Energy needed to connect its 300 employees, spread out across five offices in the U.S. – with about one-third of employees on the road each day – in order to move the business forward and increase employee satisfaction levels. 

The organization invested in values-based employee recognition and communication tools that connect an on-the-go workforce from any location, at any time. 

lime-energy-ecardExamples of Lime Energy's value-based eCards.

The new employee experience platform, named Bright Stars, helps fuel connectivity in the workplace. Employees can send one another values-based eCards, including “Passionate,” “Customer Focused” and “Adaptable,” helping to reinforce company values, connect employees to the overall mission and recognize desirable behaviors.

Plus, managers are able to send awards to those who have exceeded the expectations of their role and had a significant impact on the company and those around them.

2019_Lime Energy _Tablet Mockup_US

Both the eCards and awards live on a social recognition wall – helping to  increase visibility, improve relationships and connect all employees – all available on any device, at any time through the Connect+ app.

Read the full Lime Energy launch story for a deeper dive into how the organization is helping employees stay connected to various projects and teammates through on-the-go strategic moments of recognition and communication. 

Stacy Lake

Stacy Lake is a Client Success Launch Strategist at Reward Gateway. She loves American football and is a life-long Philadelphia Eagles fan. She competes every year in a fantasy football league with her husband and his friends.

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