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Recently, more than 650 forward-thinking HR leaders tuned into our virtual Engagement Excellence Live to learn more about how to become an employer of choice for today’s workforce. The event included tips for adapting to the changing needs of their workforce and relying on culture, values and connection to accomplish business objectives.

Want to learn more about the sessions?

First up Debra Corey, Chief Pay It Forward Officer at DebCo HR LTD, discussed how establishing company values can drive employee engagement, performance and retention. She walked through real-life examples of companies she has worked with to create values that bring their employer brand to life. 

building a values-driven culture

Next up, Jackie Glenn, CEO at Glenn Diversity and Inclusion HR Solutions, brought her expertise to the table. With more than 30 years of experience building and leading cultures of diversity and inclusion, Jackie discussed how to develop and execute the strategies and best practices needed to create inclusive corporate cultures to attract and retain diverse workforces.

embedding dei in your organization's culture

Afterwards, we had an “HR Leader Stories” session with Angela Cundari,

Director of Human Resources at Dental Associates of Connecticut, and Jennifer LaFountain, SNHU Director of Talent Engagement and Inclusion. In this session, both of the HR leaders walked through tips for launching an employee recognition and reward platform and how it’s helped them connect, recognize and support their distributed workforces. We also saw the different ways they customize their platforms to bring their employer brands to life!

hr leaders session

And to wrap everything up, Alex Powell, Director of Client Culture and Engagement at Reward Gateway, gave insight into her 15+ years of experience working with organizations to build highly productive cultures and engaged workforces. Learn why it’s especially important in a hybrid world, where employees work at different times and in distributed places, to define how your organization will differentiate itself and become an employer of choice.

how to be an employer of choice in a hybrid world

We couldn’t end the day without a little bit of friendly competition – so we hosted a Halloween-themed trivia session. Did you know that people used to carve turnips before we transitioned to pumpkins? Yeah, me neither. Big congratulations to our winners!

If you weren’t able to make the event live, grab a cup of coffee, a notebook and check out all of the recordings below. We’re excited to help you make your organizations a better place to work!

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Alana Cummings

Shoe guru and past cheerleader that still brings the spirit into building meaningful client relationships. Alana is the US Client Success Team Manager at Reward Gateway.

US Client Success Team Manager

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