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Are you ready for SHRM Conference 2024? We sure are!

Where to find us

Reward Gateway will be at booth 432 on the convention floor!Come by our booth and learn how you can transform your people's wellbeing and performance with the power of appreciation. We’ll be at Booth 432 on the convention floor! Meet our team of excited employee engagement and experience experts and learn how we can help you make your corner of the world a better place to work. 

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Appreciation Station

The power of appreciation can’t be overstated – the same can be said of recognition. At SHRM, come to our Appreciation Station to record a video for a colleague you’d like to recognize – whether that’s for outstanding work, supporting your own work or anything else! We’ll send your video along to its destination afterward to let them know you said thanks. 

Catch our presentation!

Building a Culture of Appreciation | Monday, June 24, 2024 | 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM (Central)

Those who are appreciated are 48% more effective and productive.  When employees feel appreciated and engaged, they are more productive, motivated, and committed to their work. This session will delve into the importance of building a culture of appreciation within your organization and provide practical strategies for fostering a more productive work environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • The Power of Appreciation: Understanding the impact of recognition and appreciation on employee engagement and productivity.
  • Tools for Wellbeing and Connection: An overview of our suite of wellbeing and experience tools, highlighting how they support employee health, wellbeing, and interpersonal connections.
  • Practical Implementation: Strategies for integrating appreciation into daily work routines and making it a cornerstone of your organizational culture.


Ryann Redmond

U.S. Head of Sales - East

Reward Gateway



Sara Gotham

U.S. Head of Sales - West

Reward Gateway

Wellbeing activities

‘Chicago Stroll’ Virtual RaceJoin Reward Gateway's MoveSpring virtual race for the SHRM conference in Chicago!

Do you ever get back to your hotel after a long conference day and say, “Wow! Look how much I walked today!”?

We’ll be hosting a virtual race throughout SHRM conference on our wellbeing app, MoveSpring, to encourage consistent, healthy movement – and drum up a little friendly competition while we’re at it. Come by booth 432 to check out the prizes for our top three challenge steppers!

How does a virtual race work?

We’re so glad you asked. All participating steppers work together to achieve the distance goal and cross the finish line. As various distance milestones are reached (collectively), participants will receive an update with some fun information and content about the city of Chicago, along with some suggestions for non-conference activities you could check out while in the city. Featuring the famous “rat hole” (if you know, you know), Soldier Field, Millennium Park and more, the Chicago Stroll virtual race not only gamifies the walking you’ll already do, it also builds community and camaraderie!

‘Conference Connections’ personal challenge

Conferences are the place to be when it comes to professional networking. To participate in this challenge, simply open the app to self-report your first new connection each day! At the end of the conference, we’ll hold a raffle among our top participants – check out our prizes at the booth!

New groundbreaking research

Reward Gateway | Edenred has known for years that employee engagement has a tangible effect on business performance, but the connection isn’t as clear for those who don’t do it every day. Our new report, Employee Engagement: An Economic Value Study, features groundbreaking new research gathered from over 300 organizations around the world to assess the connections between benefits packages and employee engagement. 

Interested to find out how your organization compares to its peers? Follow the survey link in the report to take it for your own organization – if you leave your name, we’ll send you personalized results and schedule time to walk through them with you!

Discover the direct correlation between employee enagement and business  success and identify the key HR levers and solutions that drive this growth. Read Report

Plus, we’ll be releasing a brand new report on the first day of the conference about the vital role that recognition plays in wellbeing, and how both contribute to a healthy culture of appreciation within an organization. Find the download code at our booth and make sure to download your copy!

Not attending the conference? Attending but too busy to schedule a meeting? Schedule a demo with one of our friendly employee experience experts to learn more about how Reward Gateway | Edenred can help you make your organization a better place to work.

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Kristin Bassett

Kristin Bassett is Reward Gateway’s U.S. Marketing Director and manages a team of specialists to expand our reach and make even more of the world a better place to work. Kristin lives in the Boston area, loves to knit, and is a plant mom to 50+ houseplants.

U.S. Marketing Director

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