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We've talked before about how critical an organisation's purpose, mission and values are to improving and increasing employee engagement. But this very backbone of employee engagement seems to be missing, especially when it comes to workplace communication and recognition. 

Based on our recent research, we've found that while employees and employers seem to agree that mission alignment is critical to both business success and overall engagement, there's a breakdown between those same employers and employees in how purpose, mission and values are communicated – and how employees are recognised  within their organisation.

Figuring out how to improve your employees' alignment with your purpose, mission and values is a fundamental step in developing a far-reaching employee engagement strategy. Learn more in our latest infographic on how workplace communication and recognition can (and should) reach all levels of your organisation. 

Curious to know more? Sign up for our upcoming webinar, where you'll learn more about the research presented in this infographic plus best practice to help you understand more of the employee engagement journey. 

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Chloe Deiulis

Food lover, musical-theatre junkie and marketing nerd. Chloe is the Head of Content Strategy at Reward Gateway.

Head of Content Strategy

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