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Doug Butler-9086

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The workforce is changing. Our organisations are more global, more employees work remotely and our co-workers span multiple distinct generations. To be the type of leader who inspires an organisation to succeed, you need to push your communication boundaries to effectively communicate with the evolving workforce.

These changing dynamics create new challenges for leaders trying to remain connected to people in the business and help connect employees with the organisation and each other. 

With a more mobile and remote workforce, leaders must utilise new tools and methods to reach their people where they are — and in a way that they are used to receiving information. Leaders can no longer rely on the traditional face-to-face Monday morning meeting, so new technologies and strategies must now be used.

Our own CEO Doug Butler talks more about the changing communications landscapes in an article by World at Work Magazine. Read the full article (PDF) below:

For even more tips on improving leadership communications, check out Doug's recent blog on new communications techniques.

Gemma Matthewman

A Brit living down under who is passionate about travel, food and all things Marketing. What really makes Gemma tick is experimenting with new ways to connect the community of HR Changemakers and educate people about our mission to make the world a better place to work.

Head of Australia Growth Marketing

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