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How TIMG uses its centralised employee engagement platform to motivate employees

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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented businesses with many challenges – connecting dispersed and remote workforces, keeping employees up-to-date on changes to the business and maintaining employee morale and wellbeing. Businesses are finding a need for greater flexibility in the ways they communicate with and recognise their employees, as the business world is still shifting each day.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect the workload for TIMG and its sister companies Med-X and Shred-X, connecting employees while maintaining motivation and client satisfaction became a priority for the People Team. To help, the team used its recently launched employee engagement platform 'The Hive' to create a one-stop shop for employees to find important information and employee programs, as well as for the company to effectively communicate business updates to reinforce a sense of togetherness. 


The group quickly launched a COVID-19 information hub so that employees could turn to one accurate place for information. Additionally, General Managers began publishing daily updates while the People Team shared positive announcements from around the business. In particular, the team would spotlight exercise videos, recipes and articles available on The Hive’s Wellbeing Centre, linking employees to 'Honey Pot,' their employee benefits program, while also inviting employees to provide feedback through regular pulse surveys and polls. 

Helene Prat Head of People & Culture at TIMG says,

Having The Hive has really made a difference – it has been quicker and easier for us to reach our teams, and we could communicate a lot of information without our people feeling overloaded with a lot of corporate emails. Pairing this with reward and recognition, and seeing our people use the Wellbeing Centre means our goals to support our people, keep them informed and share the love are all well on track.

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In March, TIMG launched its company-wide reward and recognition program on The Hive, as a way to show employees appreciation and encourage connection as everyone was working hard during a challenging time. Because they were unable to travel to different offices, the People Team published videos to promote the program and explain how to access and use it. To encourage people to log in, they ran a competition offering a box of donuts to the site in each of the three businesses who sent the most eCards. 

Within two months, TIMG, Shred-X and Med-X employees sent over 1,200 eCards through The Hive and the number of participants and recognition moments is rising as people embrace this platform while working remotely.


The team has since introduced peer-to-peer and manager awards, giving employees and leaders the ability to attach monetary reward to their recognition moments and really shine the spotlight on employees who are going above and beyond during this time. 

Maintaining motivation and keeping your employees engaged during the crisis can be challenging, but we’re here to help.

Find out more about how Helene's team brought The Hive to life to support multiple businesses in diverse work environments in our next webinar:

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Glenn Franklin

Glenn Franklin is a Corporate Client Success Manager at Reward Gateway. Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, he moved to Australia at the start of 2016 after completing a degree in Music Technology, and has barely looked back.

Corporate Client Success Manager

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