Maintaining morale, wellbeing and company culture

In a recent survey, HR leaders identified maintaining employee morale and supporting wellbeing as the top priorities in the near future. As the environment around us rapidly evolves, how can leaders access the tools and strategies they need to help their employees and their businesses?

Listen in to a panel discussion as four leaders explore this topic, and share innovative and practical ways to:

  • Proactively support employees to maintain physical, mental and financial wellbeing.
  • Nurture employee morale and how to reinforce consistency, trust and values.
  • Strengthen culture and connect employees as businesses work harder than ever to connect new remote workers and frontline teams.
  • Reinforce your purpose and mission and equip leaders within your organisation to inspire and innovate now and in the future.

The panelists include:

  • Alison McQualter, Total Rewards Leader at Ernst & Young
  • Michelle Pecnik, People and Engagement Manager at Glad Group
  • Jamie Getgood, Director at Getgood Consulting
  • Jan McLeod, High Performance and Wellbeing Coach & Mentor at The Capacity Equation and Mad for Health

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