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Editor's note: As we move rapidly towards 2022, our Group HR Director Robert Hicks wanted to share his insights on what's in store for the new world of work and his reflections on big moments and lessons that have forever shaped how companies everywhere can best attract, engage and retain their people. Here are a few key themes that have emerged: 

  • 2021 is the 'Year of Employee Must-Haves,' where employees brought an updated list of requirements to the negotiation table in a highly competitive market. 
  • Flexibility, once a buzzword around the where of working, has now turned into a holistic mindset, and employers who stand out from the rest will apply a flexible arc to everything that they do. 
  • Simplifying the employee experience should start with technology so employees can get the most out of existing tech in their current environment. 
  • The year ahead will be 'The Great Adjustment,' where employees are insisting that they work where they feel appreciated, valued and supported, at a company they can trust. 


2022 is about appreciating the people you have and adjusting to give people what they want in the future. The Great Adjustment is coming, and it will be a mindset shift that continues the separation between the successful companies that make their people’s wellbeing a priority and those who fail to do so.

Read the full letter to HR by Robert Hicks below to gain insights to fuel your 2022 initiatives and get ready for The Great Adjustment. 

Read Robert's letter

Robert Hicks

Robert is the Group HR Director at Reward Gateway. While running is his top way to unwind, he also loves going to gigs, watching football and cricket, and is known to enjoy the odd ski weekend.

Group HR Director

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