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It’s no surprise that your company culture is completely unique to you and helps differentiate your employer brand. Your company values help bring various teams and workforces together with a singular, defined message and direction.

So, how do you communicate your company values to your employees?

I’m always inspired by what other companies are doing to communicate their values and employer brand. As we're gearing up to revamp our own Careers and Culture pages soon, and having just redone our RG Culture Book, I thought I’d take a look at some of my top examples of the various ways companies successfully communicate their employer brand to both prospective and current employees – whether it’s through the written word, creative videos or social media.

A creative and thoughtful video

In a nutshell, Kabbage helps fund small businesses. At the very top of the company’s dedicated culture page, you’ll find the company culture video which gives insight into who Kabbage is.

There’s no shortage of dogs, yoga, volunteering, employee testimonials from various department, and a genuine sense that people at Kabbage love their jobs and believe in the company’s purpose, mission and values.

Plus, if you scroll further down the page, it clearly outlines its company values: Care deeply, inspire innovation, win, create holy sh*t moments (yes, I censored a bit there), unconditional commitment and stay connected.



A new twist on the employee handbook

Trello is a project management tool which helps teams stay organized and on track with customizable boards, lists and cards. And what better way to show off its product and introduce both prospective and current employees than with an employee manual board?


The different cards showcase employee perks and PTO, the Trello HQ, working remotely, and so much more in an easily digestible and creative format, and is a resource for employees to continuously come back to time and time again to find information about the company. I especially like the “New Employee - Read On Your First Day” card because it gives a new starter crucial information at a glance – from valuable documentation to learning that there’s free catered lunch every day (and even to-go Tupperware to take food home).  

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An informative careers page

Hello Fresh makes home cooking easy with curated boxes delivered right to your doorstep. At first glance, its website provides prospective and current employees with company values, different locations, friendly employee testimonials (along with their favorite recipes), and an opportunity to join the team.


The biggest takeaway from Hello Fresh’s careers page is that the company believes every single person is a work in progress and there’s plenty of opportunity to grow, learn and be a part of a global family.

Meaning, people know right away if it’s the right environment for them or not.

An open video 

GoDaddy helps people build websites with internet domain registrars and web hosting. Its video, hosted on YouTube is called “GoDaddy Cares About Company Culture” and showcases company values and an inside look at what a day in the life at the company looks like.



Various employees from different offices tell stories and describe what they like about working at GoDaddy. This demonstrates the value of employer branding because people feel connected to the brand and the direction it’s going.

An announcement on the social feed

Airbnb allows people to lease or rent short-term lodging in houses, apartments, cottages and more. The company is committed to building a 21st-century company, and as part of that mission has added another member to its Board of Directors.

Airbnb used social media, specifically LinkedIn, to make a company announcement to not only employees but to the social world as well. What’s great about this announcement is that the company introduces the new hire (including her deep belief that company culture is a strategic advantage), her background, shares a picture of her, and explains why this decision has been made and how it’ll impact growth.


However you communicate your values and put your company culture on display, the most important piece of the puzzle is to know exactly what those values are, and how they fit into your organization's every day processes and people. 

No matter how you go about communicating your values – with a clever video or with a newly designed employee handbook – open and honest communication goes a long way. By extending your employer brand and company culture into everything you do, your prospective and current employees will feel more connected to one another and to your mission, purpose and values and overall be more engaged.

Carla Sutherland

Carla Sutherland is an HR Business Partner at Reward Gateway and adores her two French bulldogs, Pickles and Pesto.

HR Business Partner

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