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Year after year, International Women’s Day recognises the accomplishments of women from around the world, inspires us to seek change and work towards a common goal. This is a time to think about the big picture and remember the importance of equality, diversity and inclusivity in order to make the world a better place to work and live.

Here at Reward Gateway, our mission is "Let's make the World a Better Place to Work." Around a year ago, our founder Glenn Elliott launched the RG Foundation – which seeks to contribute to this mission on a wider scale than our company can, by empowering women, young people and disadvantaged or excluded groups globally to have access to a better, fairer and safer working world. As the RG Foundation lead at Reward Gateway, I’m extremely proud to be involved with the foundation and its initiatives.

One of RG Foundation’s core focus areas is women empowerment and equality. On International Women’s Day, it’s only appropriate to discuss how our involvement in women’s empowerment is helping make the world a fairer place for women to work. In particular, I’ll also outline the story of a woman named Beena Louis, who is actively pushing the boundaries and shaping the future of her local community.

Hannah gets measured by Beena for our first collection in Wayanad

Working towards a fairer future  

RG Foundation actively supports a variety of projects across the world to enable more women and girls to receive an education and earn an independent living, with a fair income and in safe working conditions. Simultaneously, the foundation also supports, young people and disadvantaged or excluded groups with the same opportunities.

So far, the RG Foundation has been involved with TGG Foundation, WYNAD Clothing and Freeset Global. All of these projects support one of RG Foundation’s core focus areas – women empowerment and equality – and work towards a fairer future for women.

A deeper dive into TGG Foundation

There are many industries that turn a blind eye to inequality and safety in the workplace, but in India the agricultural and clothing industries are two of the worst culprits, especially for women. Fortunately, there are organisations around the world that take positive action to improve these unfair working conditions. One such organisation, the TGG Foundation, is a small, community charity seeking to improve the lives of the local agricultural community (particularly women) through creating livelihood opportunities and skills development.

Beena Louis, or Beena Teacher, as she is known at TGG Foundation, is a core member of the operational team. Alongside stitching, she is also teaching local girls the craft, and is heading up the newly created TGG Foundation Self Help Group, a micro-financing system.

Learn more about Beena Teacher's story »

Beena exemplifies how women around the world are shaping their own futures and pushing the boundaries of work. She is changing her local community and is a true inspiration to all, not only on International Women’s Day, but every day. I hope on International Women’s Day (and really, every day) this helps remind you to think global and embrace inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.


Jenny Fyans

Jenny looks after Reward Gateway's client communications and events, providing information, tips and inspiration to help them get the most out of our partnerships. In her spare time, she loves cooking for friends and family.

Head of Client Marketing

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