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If you know me well, you know that there’s one occasion I look forward to every year, and that’s Christmas. There’s something about my childrens’ excitement and a seafood lunch with family that puts a smile on my face. 

And though it might be a little too early for me to decks the halls or hang up my two little girls’ stockings, I still have a great reason to think of Christmas this season — it’s the prime time to help our clients plan for their own “gifts” to their employees.

That gift, of course, is employee benefits.

The truth is it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas when it comes to your benefits programs.

You want to have all your employee benefits programs launched and running smoothly before your employees begin Christmas shopping or planning their summer holidays in order to get maximum impact from your benefits launch. If you are launching or re-launching a benefits program, keep in mind that the average program implementation takes about two months.

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Providing your employees with excellent savings on everything from airline tickets to high-definition televisions can generate goodwill among your workforce and boost your Employee Value Proposition, or EVP. Remember that an EVP is made up of every aspect of the employee experience, from wages to fresh fruit in the breakroom, and providing substantial discounts to popular retailers is one big way to increase your EVP without the expense of a company-wide pay rise.

But the reverse is also true, and that’s why it’s important to choose your employee discounts provider wisely. Too-late communications, slow delivery and lackluster savings can lead your employees to think poorly of the organisation at a crucial time. So make the end of the year one that your employees remember, for all the right reasons.

Here’s a few more ways an employee benefits program can help your workforce:

Big-ticket savings

A good benefits program like Reward Gateway’s SmartSpending™ solution will have a balance of everyday savings on things like groceries and petrol as well as big-ticket items like computers and home goods. The holiday season is the time for those big-ticket items to shine.

Check your platform to make sure the big-ticket items are readily available to your workforce and work with your provider to figure out the best way to highlight the most savings, such as retailers with double discounts or limited time offers.

We’ve talked about segmentation before, and while it can be a powerful communications tool, it can be an even greater tool for displaying the most relevant discounts. For my twin girls, I’m looking at Toys ‘R Us for those bigger discounts alongside the other parents at my organisation! Use the demographic information you have on hand to work with your provider team and ensure the most engagement with your discounts. Here are a few other reasons to consider a benefits program:

It’s not just for gifts

Keep in mind that employees use your discount program to purchase things other than gifts, such as travel expenses, groceries and alcohol for celebrations and entertainment options . Make sure you offer an extensive range of items that give your employees a choice of benefits that suit their lifestyle.

Promote these items earlier in the season so employees have plenty of time to take advantage of the discounts over their summer break.


Ready to communicate

No matter how stacked your discount program is with amazing gift ideas and other holiday offers, it won’t do your employees or your organisation any good unless you tell people about it. A recent Metlife study showed that while 68% of employers believe they educate their employees about their benefits programs, only 31% of employees feel they have sufficient information to choose the option that meets their needs. So communicate more than you think is necessary.

Start by putting together your employee communication plan. Make a detailed list of all the communications you intend to produce, from company-wide emails to the flyers on the breakroom wall. It’s also a good idea to start thinking about a theme for this year’s holiday promotion so that when your team is ready to start writing copy in a few weeks, they’ll have an idea of what to say.

Finally, since the holiday season is when more employees than ever will be accessing your employee discount platform, now is a great time to host webinars, launch videos and other helpful programs to remind people how to use it.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how employee benefits can help your workforce save more money during the holidays (and every day of the year!), we’re here to help. Get in touch with me or one of our engagement consultants below.

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Kylie Green

As Reward Gateway's Managing Director, APAC, Kylie Green is responsible for the Australia and New Zealand markets, working closely with Sales, Marketing and Client Success teams. She is passionate about working with organisations to better connect and engage with their people. With 20 years experience in partnering with companies on their engagement strategies, she helps strengthen the connection between Reward Gateway’s teams and how they solve local market challenges.

Managing Director, APAC

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