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Working from home can be challenging for some people at the best of times, they may not have the right desk to work from, have noisy neighbors, a partner who is distracting or not much space to differentiate from work and rest. But if you add children who need to be looked after, or home-schooled, to the mix and it’s a whole new challenge for people.

work-life-balanceAs we continue navigating challenging times and hybrid schooling, we know that parents everywhere are tearing their hair out as the ever-evolving act of work-life balance comes into play as they venture into new unknowns. 

How are we to manage our time, ensure the work is done, the children have learned all of their phonics and we are not all climbing the walls at the end of the day? As I’ve been working remotely throughout the pandemic with my two little ones (aged 5 and 3) and with twins on the way, I’ve learned a few tricks that I want to share with you. I hope you find it helpful as we navigate yet another “new normal” and try to do our best in this changing environment:

brians-kids-1Expel some energy

That important work call will never happen if the children are hyperactive and have excess energy to burn. After breakfast, before the emails are even looked at, get the kids outside for some all-important running around. 

Take them on a walk, bike ride, or, if parks are open, for a climb over some equipment. 

Allowing them the opportunity to burn off some steam before the day has properly begun will hopefully allow you to tend to work matters when you return, without them running riot through your study space. 

Activity bags

Spend a weekend putting together “activity bags.” These bags should contain a variety of quiet activities that will entertain your children when you are on an important call or video meeting. 

Activities can include crafts, beads, Legos, coloring books, puzzles, drawing and painting equipment, to name a few. If you are worried about mess, opt for mess-free coloring sets. For younger children, reach for sensory bags instead, full of shiny paper, pinecones, hairbrushes, socks or mirrors. Ensure the bags are not overused and the contents switched regularly, and the children will enjoy revealing their items. 


Pro tip: When we’re running out of craft supplies, we've given them a cardboard box, a paint brush and bowl of water, and that does the trick! It’s a good way to recycle extra boxes, too.

Creating opportunities for children to craft is great for their creativity, patience and their mental health also. If you have an employee discounts program in place, you may find extra savings and earn cashback at places like The Disney Store, Lego or Target – our own platform through Reward Gateway has hundreds of retailers to help us save on purchases, especially those for the little ones! 

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Cooking with the kids

brians-kids-5Getting the kids into cooking or baking is a perfect activity to try at home. Not only will it keep them entertained, but it’s a great skill for life and it’s an activity that needs to get done every day anyway – so you might as well get some help! 

There are plenty of easy family recipes online, and we recommend that you start with recipes that only need a few ingredients and that won’t take too long to prepare or cook – that way your kids are more likely to stay interested. 

I like to use our employee discounts to save on home-delivered meal kits on top of my weekly shop. Another option for meal inspiration with little ones is to ask employees what they’re cooking and share it on an employee communications platform. Not only will this help keep remote employees engaged, but it will also give you unique recipes in your toolkit that cater to dietary needs or even quick weekday meals.

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Reading for learning and for fun

Most schools will continue with online learning for children, but it doesn’t hurt to get some extra workbooks or reading books in to keep the kids entertained. Reading is a great way to wind down at the end of the day, and after a busy day of home-schooling and juggling work it’s great for you to get lost in a good book too! 

With an employee discounts platform, you can make some great savings with discounts at places like Barnes and Noble.

Make sure there’s enough tech to go around

Many schools are providing additional technology to families who need it to support online learning, so it is definitely worth checking with your school first. But if you want to boost your technology at home for the future, too, I always check first at Best Buy, where I use our discounts program to save on the latest tablets, laptops and accessories so I can make sure my eldest has all the latest programs right at her fingertips. 

While we may be in this a little (or a lot) longer, there is more support than we ever knew around us, if you just know where to look next.

Brian D'Angelo

Brian D'Angelo is the U.S. Growth Marketing Manager at Reward Gateway. He used to be able to quote a ton of lines from movies, but now with two young daughters, he mostly knows the stories to the Daniel Tiger and Curious George episodes.

U.S. Growth Marketing Manager

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