In today's fast-paced, digital world, it's easy to forget the importance of the human element in the workplace. Yet, personalisation remains a cornerstone of effective employee engagement.

While digitisation streamlines processes and enhances efficiency, it should never overshadow the need for genuine human connections.

At our recent EVP Lunch and Learn event in Brisbane, we shared stories and unpacked insights from The Workplace Engagement Index - check out the recap below! 

Recognising moments that matter

One of the simplest yet most impactful ways to boost employee wellbeing is through timely recognition. Recognising employees early and often, such as at 30, 60, and 90-day milestones, can significantly enhance morale and engagement.

A simple action you can take here is to map your employee journey and find a way to recognise them at least once a month to remind them why they chose you. Find all the recognition resources you need here.

Supporting cost of living challenges

We know that 81% of Aussie workers are concerned about the rising cost of living and inflation, with Gen X the most concerned at 85%.

John Towers, Manager of Total Rewards at Equifax, shared how building a business case for a discounts program could have an impact on all employees (over 90% of Equifax people engage in their discounts program!) has delivered a return on investment to the business.

The savings it sees on everyday essentials has been consistent since day one, which shows its people value the practical, always-on financial support. Check out our Savings Calculator here.


Meaningful action over perfection

All panellists agreed that listening to employees and making them feel heard should be an always-on activity. Instead of striving for perfection, focus on taking meaningful action based on feedback.

Acknowledge the insights and concerns raised by employees openly, leveraging open and honest communication (especially tough feedback) and implementing a few actionable items. This approach not only builds trust but also demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement.  

Balancing personalisation with automation

Finding a balance between personal recognition and automated processes is essential, particularly for large, dispersed workforces. Automation ensures that no moment is missed, while empowering leaders with the tools and framework to create a personalised moment ensures recognition is truly meaningful. By combining both, organisations can create a comprehensive recognition and reward strategy that delivers instant, meaningful and timely moments of connection and impact. 

Personalisation for a diverse workforce

Steven Elvin, National Benefits Leader for Flight Centre Travel Group, led the discussion on how today's workforce is more diverse than ever, spanning multiple generations with varied needs, preferences and expectations.

Personalisation involves identifying relevant benefits for different generational cohorts and packaging and promoting them in one centralised place. This tailored approach ensures that all employees can easily find value in the benefits offered and you can more effectively report on ROI from your benefits investment.

Internal communities inspire connection and belonging

We spoke about the different groups represented in our organisations and the power of internal communities, such as LGBTQIA+ networks and how they play a vital role in shaping culture.

These groups provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels seen and heard and employees can learn and grow.

Modern recognition and reward programs are leveraging eCards designed to promote networks and causes to show up for individuals represented in their organisations and give all employees space to share stories and start conversations on the causes that matter to them. The Business Case for Belonging Report findings show why this is important to focus on. 

Everyday wellbeing

Wellbeing initiatives must be diverse and integrated into daily work life. Meaningful, timely actions that matter to employees on a personal level are key. Wellbeing should be individual and giving employees choice is a powerful way to show you care.

Run Clubs are a low-cost (and on-trend) way to bring people together whilst Steven and the team have reaped significant benefits through giving people an hour a month to focus on making progress on anything wellbeing-related, from yoga to pottery, meditation or even a social hour to enhance happiness. There’s two low-cost, high-impact ways to show your employees their wellbeing matters.IMG_4288-min

Getting creative with leave

John shared his experience of finding creative ways to package and promote leave as a part of the Equifax EVP. Wellbeing is at the centre of their extra leave initiative and Equifax has had great feedback from its team members who are utilising their four weeks of annual leave each year and reaping the benefits of an extra five days awarded in January to spend time with family and friends. It’s a win/win! 

Employee-led initiatives 

Trusting employees to play a part in the design and advocacy of your EVP embedment and communication can yield significant benefits. Employee-driven initiatives ensure that programs are relevant and resonate with the workforce. Annelies Maxwell, Head of People & Culture at Global Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd, shared how involving their employees in the redesign of values and strategies not only enhanced engagement but also aligned organisational goals with the needs and aspirations of their people.

At Reward Gateway, we are passionate about digitisation and believe it's essential for modern workplaces. We also advocate for blending it with a human element that is authentic and meaningful to the individual.

By prioritising personalisation, timely recognition, meaningful action and employee involvement, organisations can create a thriving, engaged workforce. The key is to blend technology with genuine human interactions, ensuring that every employee feels valued and connected.

In need of EVP inspiration? Our friendly team is always happy to chat, so get in touch today.

Check out our research into employee connection and belonging and the crucial role it plays in engagement, productivity and retention.

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Kylie Terrell

Kylie Terrell is our Australia Director of Consultancy and is RG’s resident advocate for employee recognition. She loves creating “wow” moments and looking for creative ways to make her coworkers and clients feel special.

Australia Director of Consultancy

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