2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but especially for HR leaders as they navigate new ways to connect, recognise and support their people throughout an ever-evolving environment.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen businesses impacted as they’ve shifted to remote work, while striving to social-distance at worksites to ensure essential workers maintain safety and morale. Reward and recognition has been at the heart of the organisations that have weathered the storm, and we’re proud that Reward Gateway has been at the side of many of these companies, providing services that helped millions of employees around the world feel visible and appreciated through a time they’ve needed it most.

So this year especially, it is a great honour for our team to receive the Gold in the HRD Service Provider awards in the category of Reward and Recognition.

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We were delighted to be recognised as the leading Reward and Recognition provider two years in a row. What’s stood out to me particularly in 2020 is the vast increase we’ve seen in our client and employee usage of R&R products, with a year-over-year increase of 94% in eCards sent, and a 109% increase in monetary rewards given, alongside powerful communications. It’s clear that finding new ways to show appreciation for employees has become more important for many companies who are working to build a culture of continuous recognition and reward, and having the right technology and partner by their side is helping leaders to achieve these goals.


More and more companies are relying on online and strategic reward as they make the shift from manual to digital reward and recognition. We’re humbled and proud that our technology is helping companies of all sizes and in all industries put more of a focus on reward and recognition, helping employees understand the value of their contributions while also reducing admin for time-poor HR teams to deliver R&R efficiently and effectively.

At the heart of our solutions is our mission to Make the World the World a Better Place to Work, and we are delighted to partner with our clients to bring them leading technology and best-practice thought leadership to support their employee engagement goals. 

We are also committed to continuously innovate our solutions and technology, so keep an eye out for more exciting announcements on our already award-winning Reward and Recognition solution.

Kylie Green

As Reward Gateway's Managing Director, APAC, Kylie Green is responsible for the Australia and New Zealand markets, working closely with Sales, Marketing and Client Success teams. She is passionate about working with organisations to better connect and engage with their people. With 20 years experience in partnering with companies on their engagement strategies, she helps strengthen the connection between Reward Gateway’s teams and how they solve local market challenges.

Managing Director, APAC

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