Boosting Financial Wellbeing: How to Address the No.1 Employee Priority in 2024

Want to discover key strategies and solutions to elevate the financial health of a multigenerational workforce? Watch our webinar to ensure your employees thrive both personally and professionally this year.

According to our latest research, Australian employees chose financial wellbeing as the area that employers should prioritise the most in 2024 with 48% of surveyed employees choosing this option, compared to 32% for mental wellbeing and 7% for physical wellbeing.

In this webinar, Joy Adan and Steph Met from Reward Gateway, explore the most effective and practical approaches to provide holistic support and address the financial needs and goals of an increasingly diverse workforce.

Watch to learn:

  • The impact of financial wellbeing on employee productivity and engagement
  • How to put money back into your employees' pockets without a company-wide salary increase, stretching your HR budgets while making maximum measurable impact on household income and your business' bottom line
  • Success stories from leading Australian companies who have significantly boosted their employees' financial wellbeing

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