WEBINAR: Building the Business Case to Enhance Your EVP With Impactful Employee Benefits

Thursday 4th May, 11am - 12pm AEST

Every HR leader wants to attract, retain and engage top talent, but with restricted salary budgets, a competitive job market and the cost of living continuing to rise, how do companies remain an employer of choice? Where do they find room in that ever-shrinking budget to support their employees – especially when it comes to stretching their disposable income?

Join us for a brand new webinar where Kylie Terrell, Director of Consultancy at Reward Gateway, and John Towers, Remuneration and Benefits Manager ANZ at Equifax, will discuss how an impactful employee benefits program such as employee discounts has moved from being a nice to have to a necessity, and how to build a business case to get that magic ‘Yes’ from your leadership team.

You will learn:

  • How Equifax has developed a successful discounts and benefits program to help them manage cost of living rises and enhance their EVP.
  • Tried and true tips to quickly gain approval from your board or leadership team for a new initiative.
  • How to introduce new initiatives for high employee engagement that can be measured against a compelling ROI .

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