The Business Case for Belonging: Unlocking Performance and Productivity Through Connection

20th June at 11am AEST (Thursday)

Feeling disconnected? You're not alone. Reward Gateway's latest research reveals a critical disconnect between Australian employees and their organisations. While 56% of Australians would prioritise belonging over a 10% pay rise, a staggering one in four also feel isolated from colleagues.

This disconnect has a cost. The research shows that employees who feel a sense of belonging at work are not only 1.5 times more likely to recommend their employers, they’re also 56% more likely to be high performers and 50% less likely to leave.

This insights-packed webinar will cover:

  • The data behind the belonging imperative: Explore the latest Australian workplace trends and statistics on employee connection and its impact on performance.
  • Strategies for building a culture of belonging: Learn practical tactics that leading organisations use to foster connection, engagement and loyalty.
  • How to turn belonging into a business advantage: Discover how to leverage a strong sense of belonging to drive employee advocacy, retention and overall business success.

Join Joy Adan, Senior Thought Leadership Manager at Reward Gateway, as she explores these topics with Janani D’Silva, Head of Culture, Engagement, & Early Careers at Capgemini, and Michael Oliverio, Benefits & Engagement Partner at Hungry Jack’s.


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